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Energy-efficient multi-chip LEDs for manufacturing equipment


Thanks to its bright, multi-chip LED design, the LF1A Series provides the same illumination as a 20-watt fluorescent lamp while consuming far less power. Available in three sizes and four color configurations, these lights are a versatile choice for machine tools, control panels, food processing machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment—and more.


Technical Advantages

  • Bright multi-chip design
  • Thin aluminum housing
  • Low power consumption
  • UL Listed and RoHS compliant


  • Four colors: warm white, cool white, yellow and red
  • Energy savings one-third of fluorescent lamps
  • 24V DC rated voltage
  • Operating temperature -20° to +50°C


  • Control Panels
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Work Station and Task Lighting
  • Industrial Machines

3D CAD Model

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Technical resources


Our LUMIFA LEDs provide bright, long-lasting illumination for a variety of applications, from machine tools to chemical plants—and everything in between.

  • Quality Illumination
  • Rugged
  • Low Maintenance
  • Versatile


LF1A LED strips use super-bright multi-chip LEDs providing illumination equivalent to a 25W fluorescent lamp, while consuming only one-third the power. They come in a thin housing available in three sizes with four color configurations: cool white (5500K), warm white (2800K), yellow (590nm) and red (625nm).

Request a demonstration of the LF1A or any of our LUMIFA LED solutions or visit our e-store to purchase LUMIFA LED products online.