Harsh Environment

Rugged construction for safe, reliable operation

LUMIFA LEDs thrive in the harshest industrial environments. Designed with durable materials, they can operate in extended temperatures up to 55°C and offer a range of IP protection ratings for use around dust, water, oil and metal shavings.

Units integrate reinforced glass lenses, stainless-steel construction and an aluminum die-cast housing, enabling them to withstand the debris often found in industrial production environments. Many LUMIFA LED lights are even designed to handle hazardous-location applications—from oil and gas to chemical plants—with additional Type 4X enclosure ratings and UL-ratings.


featured products


Rugged and slim LEDs for confined installation spaces.

lf1d & lf2d

Rugged and bright LEDs for harsh industrial applications.


Heavy-duty LEDs for hazardous locations.


Energy-efficient multi-chip LEDs for manufacturing equipment.