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Food and Beverage

Nontoxic, environmentally friendly LEDs

In the food and beverage industry, hygiene is key. Made from nontoxic materials, LUMIFA LEDs are environmentally friendly—making them the ideal light source for your food and beverage processing equipment. With their IP ratings and rugged construction, they can even be used in the presence of high-pressure, high-temperature washdown.

LUMIFA LEDs provide natural, high-quality lighting—leading to more accurate inspection and color grading of food products. Made from durable, lightweight polycarbonate, units are also corrosion-resistant and can operate reliably in a range of environments, from plant floors to storage rooms.

  • Applications
  • Food Processing Lines
  • Inspection And Storage Areas
  • Food Packaging Equipment
  • Beverage Production Lines
  • Bottling Lines
  • Dairy Production


Featured Products

LF1D & Lf2D

Rugged and bright LEDs for harsh industrial applications.


Flexible lighting solution available in six distinct colors.


Rugged and slim LEDs for confined installation spaces.


Energy-efficient multi-chip LEDs for manufacturing equipment.