Manufacturing Lines

Versatile LEDs for general factory use

LUMIFA LEDs are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit the needs of different manufacturing environments and work stations. They achieve bright, uniform light that is free of distracting shadows and stripes—even on highly reflective surfaces, such as metal parts.

All units are designed to withstand the demanding, repetitive nature of assembly line processes. They are ruggedly constructed, guaranteeing long-lasting and reliable operation in the presence of water, debris and oil. They are also vibration- and shock-resistant and can endure temperatures as high as +55°C.

Featured Products


Flexible lighting solution available in six distinct colors.


Rugged and slim LEDs for confined installation spaces.

Lf1d & lf2d

Rugged and bright LEDs for harsh industrial applications.


Energy-efficient multi-chip LEDs for manufacturing equipment.