Machine Safety Solutions

When building safety into a machine, you simply want the best component to address the risks and hazards. The fast-paced world of industrial automation doesn't slow down while you investigate various products and the safety standards that pertain to many different regions. That's why you should choose machine safety products from a company whose innovative products comply with global standards, thereby opening markets and opportunities for your machines.


This compact, high performance safety scanner features long distance sensing—protecting people and equipment in hazardous areas. It's an ideal solution for AGVs, forklifts, industrial robots and other equipment.

Our safety light curtains protect workers from industrial hazards. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles, along with accessories like cables, controllers and mounting brackets.

Our fail-safe, highly visible E-stops instantly halt machine motion—keeping your operators safe in emergency situations. Choose from general purpose and specialized designs.

Our reliable, user-friendly enabling and grip switches allow machine motion only when a button is pressed. They come in regular and light touch models, as well as compact sizes for hand comfort.

Our compact safety relay modules monitor safety input devices such as E-stops, interlock switches, non-contact safety switches and light curtains. Configurations include removable terminals, monitored start and single- or dual-channel operation.

Our safety controllers make it easy to consolidate your safety circuits—saving space and costs with minimal wiring. Each unit replaces up to six safety relays with no programming required.

Our interlock switches protect your operators from unexpected machine motion. They come in various sizes and configurations to meet the needs of multiple applications—from machine tools to packaging lines.


Metal Forming, Stamping and Machining

Our safety products safeguard workers from erratic or unexpected motion in applications involving rollers, dies, presses and CNC machines. Choose from safety interlock switches, laser scanners, light curtains, E-stop switches—and more.

Injection Molding and Plastics Processing

Our safety devices are essential components of plastic molding machines. Deploying these devices—such as interlock switches for machine guards and light towers that signal operating errors—will keep your workers safe from movable platen, mold mechanisms and nozzle and screw areas.

Assembly Lines

Our safety products keep human operators safe as they work alongside industrial robots. Choose from a variety of devices, including teach pendants with E-stops, surface mount indicators, enabling and grip switches—and more.

Factory Automation

It’s important to keep personnel safe from the hazards of moving machinery. From light scanners to E-stop switches, our reliable, cost-effective safety devices get the job done in automated work settings.

Petroleum and Chemical Plants

Our explosion-proof products minimize the possibility of flames and fires. Choose from explosion-proof display enclosures, flameproof safety control boxes and relay barriers that limit current, voltage and energy supply.

Learning & Resources

Keeping your work environment safe from machine-related hazards is a never-ending process that involves staying current with new technology and ever-changing worldwide regulations. Learn about the basic safety principles for machine design and risk assessment that MROs and OEMs need to know in order to prevent accidents, specifically:

  • Conducting a risk assessment to identify hazards, risk and harm.
  • Risk reduction through safeguarding.
  • Machine safety practices.
  • Global safety standards.
  • European Union safety standards and performance levels.

It also provides an overview of IDEC products and their innovative features — all designed to help you build safety into automated machines and systems.