HT4P type for use in wired LANs and with mechanical switches

Ergonomically designed for easy holding and operation

Easily attaches tablets of various sizes


USB/LAN converter / Built-in USB Power Delivery

Wired LAN provides stable communication unaffected by the environment.
USB charging while communicating eliminates the need to worry about running out of battery power for tablets.


Mechanical Switches Can Be Installed

Up to three LB series switches can be installed. Suitable for various applications.

*10 types with mechanical switches are available as standard products.

*Models with LB switches requested by the customer can be delivered.

*Joystick-mounted types available on request.


Support for large type tablets

Even large tablets of 10 to 13 inches that are easy to operate can be mounted by the large slide mechanism. High-performance tablets and robust tablets can also be mounted.


Rotary Grip

Rotatable grip allows the tablet position to be changed vertically or horizontally for easy operation. The enabling switch is shaped for easy holding regardless of hand size. The tablet also has a function to prevent accidental rotation due to its own weight.


Waterproof connector for
Wired LAN, switch contact, and power supply

Connector allows one-touch connection and disconnection of cables, facilitating cable maintenance.


Movable mounting hooks & spacers

Prevents interference with the tablet's power and audio buttons when the tablet is mounted. The tablet can be securely attached according to the size of the tablet.

Part Names

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First featurette heading.


Technical Article

HT4P Safety Commander Technical Article

Turn Tablets into Safety-Grade Industrial HMI's

Discover the transformative power of the IDEC HT4P Safety Commander™ in our exclusive technical article.


HT4P Safety Commander

The HT4P Safety Commander is an ergonomic device enabling users to securely hold and protect a human-machine interface (HMI) tablet, while providing power, networking, and hardwired emergency stop (e-stop) and other operator interface devices.

HT4P Safety Commander Kit

KIT-HT4P provides the complete offer for customers seeking to evaluate the Safety Commander solutions as the potential replacement of teaching pendants or control panels on the factory floor.

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Solutions for On-Site Issues


To replace the teaching pendant

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Manual operation of AGV/AMR and safety improvements

Assembly Line

Reduce checking time and effort

General Industrial Machinery

Enables the choice of using it only for necessary machines.


Improved safety of operating systems using tablets

End User

Replace touch panels in existing facilities with tablets