Industrial-Grade Safety with Modern Tablets

Modern tablets aren’t just for consumer use any more. They are steadily making their way into all types of industrial automation applications because of their convenience and productivity benefits. But how can they deliver industrial-grade safety? From the standpoint of ISO/IEC safety standards, when tablets or other operation devices are used near sources of danger from a machinery, hardwired emergency stop and enabled functionality needs to be included, and this is where designers have often struggled to find the best way to use modern tablets in industrial automation applications. Safety Commander came out as the solution that the designers were looking for, providing a unique, practical, and patented way for operators to use modern tablet interfaces with industrial machinery and equipment.

Safety CommanderTM
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Evolve your tablet with Safety Commander


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RFID Improves Machine Performance and Safety


Cost reduction by replacing the dedicated terminal with a commercial tablet
Standard Security Methods and RFID Authentication for Machine Access and


Safe manual operation of AGV and AMR with commercially available tablet + Safety Commander

RFID Improves Machine Performance and Safety

Conveyor Line

Reduced touch panels on transport lines

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Get a Grip on Industrial Mobile Devices.

Get a Grip on Industrial Mobile Devices.

Modern consumer-grade tablets can provide a flexible and capable automation HMI experience, but only when used with the right specialized component to safely integrate them into the industrial environment.


The following maintenance parts are included.
  • Hand strap (HT9Z-3PS1)
  • Telescopic lock release key (HT9Z-3PK01)
  • Sponge sheet for thickness adjustment (HT9Z-3PHA04)

Tablet diagonal length: 240~300mm (Screen sizes of 8 to 11 inches)

Standard: ~10mm
If the tablet is too thin, please use the included thickness adjustment sponge sheet that comes as standard accessory.
If the tablet thickness is between 11mm and 18mm, please use HT9Z-3PHB08. if the tablet thickness is between 19mm and 24mm, please use HT9Z-3PHB14.

The e-stop or enable switch cannot be replaced at customers end.

Please contact one of our sales representative for customizations.

Specifications of this product are for indoor use.

The recommended safety relay module is our HR5S, HR6S Series.

No, it is for charging purpose only.

Emergency stop and enable SW are not supported by wireless.
The safety devices are wired, and only the tablet is configured to communicate via WIFI.

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