Reduce confirmation time and effort

Reduced touch panels on transport lines


Touch panel that is not used frequently

In the case of a long-distance conveyance line, some of the multiple operation panels are infrequently used, which is not only inefficient but also wasteful in terms of cost and work efficiency. Also, if the operation panel is far away from the place where you want to check, it tends to take time and effort to check. In order to solve these problems, many of you may be making a lot of efforts on your own.


Eliminate on-site waste with "Tablet + Safety Commander "

The combination of "Tablet + Safety Commander™" makes it easy to attach and detach the Safety Commander at each site.

By using the optional wall-hanging bracket, it is possible to install the safety commander at the site on a daily basis and attach the tablet for operation. This saves space and reduces the cost of the control panel.

Furthermore, its portability allows operation near the machine. The safety functions at hand allow you to work close to the line with peace of mind, eliminating the need to panic in an emergency.