For manual operation of AGV / AMR

Safe manual operation of AGV and AMR with commercially available tablet + Safety Commander


The use of the tablet is increasing more and more. What about the safety side...

In the field of automated transportation, where automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are used, there is an increase in collaborative environments where people work cooperatively with AGVs, AMRs, and automated warehouses, as opposed to the conventional environment where the operation area of those equipments are separated from the work area of the people.
In these environments, tablets that can display a lot of information are increasingly being introduced for manual operations such as maintenance and route setup. However, there are still safety concerns in the field where people and robots work together.


Easily add Safety functions to your tablet, and help comply with ISO 3691-4!

For such cases, IDEC recommends "Safety Commander", which integrates safety functions such as "Emergency Stop Switches" and "Enable Switches" on commercially available tablets.
In addition, by using this product, the requirements of AGV safety standard: ISO 3691-4 (hold-to-run control) can be met and the risk of danger to the operator during manual operation can be reduced. By combining the "operability" of a tablet with the "safety" of manual operation, it is possible to provide users with a comfortable