To replace the teaching pendant

Cost reduction by replacing the dedicated terminal with a commercial tablet


Reduction of development man-hours

Teaching pendants and self-developed operation terminals tend to be difficult to operate for those who are not accustomed to handling them because they have many buttons and are complicated to operate. Recently, there are voices saying that they want to use commercially available tablets, which are becoming popular in industrial fields, for teaching robots, and that is also the trend. However, even if the world becomes such a trend, safety functions such as emergency stop switches and enable switches will still be required.


Use your tablet as a robot teaching

With Safety Commander ™ recommended by IDEC, you can use a commercially available tablet as a teaching pendant. By introducing a commercially available tablet, it is not necessary to develop hardware or manage manufacturing in-house, which leads to a reduction in development man-hours. It also makes it easier to respond to parts abolition and market trends.


How about safety?

From the viewpoint of ISO / IEC safety standards, when operating equipment including tablets is used near the hazards of the machine, emergency stop pushbutton switches and enable switches should be used so that the machine can be stopped immediately. Installation of safety equipment is required.
The safety commander has an ergonomic grip structure and an arrangement of enable switches, which makes it easy to hold and operate regardless of the dominant hand. Tablet operation while pressing the enable switch (OFF⇒ON⇒OFF / 3-position operation for ergonomic danger avoidance) and emergency stop in an emergency (equipped with safety lock, safety potential, and direct opening operation function) This is a great advantage because the operation maintains the safety as before.