in Switches, Relay Sockets and PLC’s for Industrial Controls, Automation and Beyond

Products with Push-in Terminals

HW Series

22mm Industrial Heavy-duty Switches
  • Push buttons
  • Illuminated push buttons
  • Dual push buttons
  • Selector switches
  • Key switches
  • Illuminated selector switches
  • Selector push buttons
  • Monolever switches
  • Pilot Lights
  • Emergency stop switches
  • Illuminated buzzers

CW Series

22mm Industrial Switches with Flush Mount Bezel Push buttons
  • Illuminated push buttons
  • Selector switches
  • Key switches
  • Pilot Lights

RU Series

2 or 4 pole panel mount sockets for industrial relays and timers
  • 2 pole panel mount SU2S-21L
  • 4 pole panel mount SU4S-21L

RJ Series

Space-saving 1 or 2 pole panel mount sockets for industrial relays
  • 1 pole panel mount SJ1S-21L
  • 2 pole panel mount SJ2S-21L

FC6A Series

Powerful and state-of- the-art compact controller with industrial protocols and IIoT features

HR6S Series

Safety control modules with diagnostic outputs
  • Advanced diagnostic and output functions
  • Connect to various safety input devices
  • Screw clamping or push-in wiring terminals

HR5S Series

The first CAT 2 safety control module in the industry

KW2D Series

RFID Solution for industrial authentication & access control
  • KW2D RFID Reader
  • RFID Fobs and tags
  • IP65/67

Tools & Accessories

Crimping tool
  • Wire stripping tool
  • Ferrules




Products anyone can use with safety and assurance, from a company seeking to be number one in safety   Products appreciated by all our customers for their ease of connection regardless of experience   Products that make labor-saving and space-saving a reality EP1740  

Simple wiring for greater work efficiency



Time saving and efficient

Push-in connections are made simple by inserting the wire, reducing wiring time by approximately 55% compared to conventional screw terminals.

No additional tightening needed

Because screws are not used on push-in terminals, re-tightening of screws is not required.

4-contact configuration available with double contact blocks

Double contact blocks available for all models including emergency stop switches, selector switches, key selector switches.

Test point

test point is available to check connectivity of the wiring.
Check the connectivity easily using a multimeter.

Reliable and easy

Finger-safe structure and vibration resistance. What’s more, the space-saving design means better workability in a smaller space.


Contact block depth reduced Saves space inside panel and enables downsizing of equipment.

High voltage LED illuminated unit for illuminated pushbuttons

100/120V AC/DC, 200/220V AC, 230/240V AC types available. No transformers required and same depth behind the panel for for all illuminated voltages.

Sub-Assembled Units

Sub-assembled units can be ordered for flexible use, such as unplanned changes in design.

Wiring procedure comparison

Work can be performed without using tools and regardless of operators' skill level.


High-voltage pilot lights No transformer required

Angled connections

Angled connections make wiring easy even when switches are mounted on a panel.

Added Value

Our aim is to create products that enable customers to experience the utmost usability.

What is Push-in technology?

Push-in is a type of wire connection (sometimes called termination) that is made with a spring steel arm mounted with a section of flat metal contact. When the exposed wire is simply pushed in, it is squeezed between those two pieces of metal, achieving reliable and secure electrical contact under steady pressure. Anyone who makes wire connections will benefit from the use of push-in technology. With IDEC’s increasing product offerings, OEMs and contract manufacturers have a particular opportunity to save large amounts of time and cost from using components with push-in connections. This includes panel builders who specialize in the design and installation of a variety of industrial control modules and subsystems. End users also benefit from connection reliability and maintenance safety.


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