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The Right Power Supplies For Your Applications

As a leader in the industry, our engineers continuously research new and better solutions to increase the efficiency and safety of our products. At IDEC, power supplies aren't just an "add-on" product; they are the foundation of a reliable application. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of manufacturing to produce a complete line of power supplies that outlast and outperform the competition!


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PS6R High Performance
  • Expansion modules add flexibility
  • 5V, 12V & 15V attachments
  • 24V DC main output
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Slim and compact
  • DIN rail or direct mounting
  • 93% efficiency
  • Finger-safe screw terminals
  • Output alarm contact
  • Class I Div 2, SEMI F47, UL508.
  • ABS certified for Marine Applications
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PS5R-V Compact

  • Compact size preserves panel space 
  • Slim size (width): 22.5mm (10W/15W/30W), 36mm (60W/ 90W), 45mm (7.5W), 46mm (120W), 60mm (240W)
  • Universal Voltage Input: 85-264V AC/100-370V DC
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Spring-up terminals accept ring & fork terminals
  • Approved for use in Class I Div 2 hazardous locations
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PS3V Metal Frame

  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Five output wattages
  • 5V, 12V, and 24V outputs
  • DIN rail or direct mounting
  • Finger-safe screw terminals
  • UL/c-UL recognized and CE marked

Choose Your Power

Your power supply is a critical part of your system. So when it comes to choosing a power supply, it's important to
find the right one. With three distinct series, IDEC has power supplies to fit a variety of applications. Whether
you need a power supply that can grow with your application, fit in a tight space, provide a wide power range or
meet a fixed budget, IDEC provides the best options to meet your specific power needs!



PS6R High Performance

Our versatile line of PS6R power supplies are the first in the industry with attachable DC-DC converters that provide multiple voltage outputs from one unit! Able to meet the ever-changing demands of your application, these power supplies combine big power in a small package, providing space savings and less wiring time. The bottom line is a less expensive system build and the flexibility to change your power requirements as your application evolves! Here at IDEC, innovation is our standard. Look below for a snapshot of how we have changed the industrial power supply landscape.





High Efficiency

The PS6R has a high operating efficiency, up to 93%. This means that there is very little heat generated by the power supply, reducing panel cooling requirements and resulting in lower overall operating costs.

Universal inputs

The power inputs have a range of 85-264V AC to 100-350V DC, and automatically adjust to the correct input power.

Add on Expansion Modules

When multiple output voltages or extra wiring terminals are needed, choose from seven expansion modules instead of buying another power supply.

Alarm Output

NPN transistor output can be used to signal when output voltage is below 80% of rated value

DC Indicator

DC Low Indicator
Indicator turns on when the output voltage drops below 80% of the rated value.

DC ON Indicator
Indicator turns on when the unit is powered up.

Multiple Voltage Output

Additional DC-DC converter units can be added to give you up to three separate output voltages – 5V, 12, and 15V. 2 Serial Ports: RS232 and RS485 (422).

Harsh Duty Ratings

The PS6R is Class 1 Division 2 rated for use in hazardous environments, and has SEMI F47 approval for use in sensitive applications, where output power cannot be compromised due to incoming voltage sags. PS6R provides security and stability where you need it most!

Spring-up, Finger-safe Screw Terminals

These terminals provide additional safety, increase ease of use, and allow use of ring or fork terminals.

Output Channel

PS6R power supplies have very low output ripples of less than 1% peak to peak.

Wide Operating Temperature

The PS6R has a wide operating temperature range of -10°C to +70°C, with no de-rating from 0°C to +60°C. Operate with confidence in the toughest environments!


PS5R-V Compact

Compact, DIN-rail mount, General purpose

The PS5R-V series carry on the strong legacy and proven track record of the PS5R family by providing expanded temperature ranges, increased efficiencies and greater MTBF values, all in housings that are significantly smaller than previous generations. PS5R-V also features an impressive list of approvals and certifications, including UL 508, SEMI F47, Class I Division 2 for hazardous locations, and RoHS. The value they provide is exceptional, and the cost savings they bring are impressive!

All IDEC power supplies are backed by up to a 5-year global warranty.



Compact size with slim width

Significant reductions in size mean potential panel cost savings. Slim size (width): 22.5mm (10W/15W/30W) 36mm (60W) 46mm (120W)


Universal inputs

The power inputs have a range of 85-264V AC and 100-370V DC, and automatically adjust to the correct input power.

The PS5R-V is Class I Division 2 rated for use in hazardous environments, and has SEMI F47 approval for use in sensitive applications, where output power cannot be compromised due to incoming voltage sags. PS5R-V provides security and stability where you need it most!


The output voltage can be easily adjusted within +/- 10% of the rated voltage.

With a range as great as -25 to +75C, PS5R-V is ideal for tough environments.

The PS5R-V can be installed in any orientation, so it is flexible enough to fit in any cabinet.

PS3V Metal Frame

Compact and Reliable

PS3V Switching Power Supply 15 to 150 Watt available with screw terminals or push-in terminals. 
The compact and cost-effective power supply is available in 5VDC, 12VDC and 24VDC output voltages. The metal frame power supplies are UL listed and cUL approved along with being CE and UKCA marked. The PS3X has 15W, 30W, 50W, 100 and 150W power options. Each frame can be surface mounted, or DIN-rail mounted using a mounting bracket. The 30-watt to 150-Watt sizes are available with screw terminals or Push-in terminals

Suitable for global user and various industries.

With a range as great as -25 to +70C, ideal for tough environments.




As a manufacturer of factory automation products, we provide total solutions and related PLCs & HMI products


  • Machine Tools
    • Lathes
    • Boring Mills
    • Sharpeners
    • Planners
    • Drilling Machines
    • Milling Machines
    • Grinding machines
    • Power Saws
    • Presses
  • Small Appliances
    • Toasters
    • Ovens
    • Coffeemakers
    • Fryers
    • Concession equipment


  • Packaging Equipment
    • Carton Erecting Machines
    • Strapping and Banding Machines
    • Vacuum Chambers
    • Stretch Wrapping
    • Product Identification Machines
    • Bag and Pouch Filling Machines
    • Form, Fill and Seal Machines
    • Metal Detecting
    • Blister packaging Machines
    • Palletizers


  • Battery charging stations
  • Solar Panel systems
  • Portable Traffic Control Systems
  • LED Sign boards
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Automated Storage Systems
  • Elevator Systems
  • Paint Lines & Paint Booths
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Mold injection machines
  • Logistics and transport facilities
  • Agricultural facilities
  • Energy-related facilities, others
Power Supply Brochure
PS6R Datasheet
Catalog https://na-sj22.marketodesigner.com/m?explictHostname=app-sj22.marketo.com#
PS5R-V Datasheet

PS3V Datasheet

Selection Guide

  PS6R High Performance PS5R‑V Compact PS3V
Mounting Din Rail Mount
Available Panel Mount Bracket and side mount bracket
Din Rail Mount
Available Panel Mount Bracket and side mount bracket
6 Mounting Directions
Direct Panel Mount
Available DIN Rail Bracket and Panel Mount Bracket
4 Mounting Directions
Wattage Range 120W, 240W and 480W 7.5W to 240W Screw Terminal 15W to 150W
Push-in Terminal 30W to 150W
Input Voltage 100 to 240 AC,
110 to 350V DC
100 to 240V AC,
100 to 370V DC
100 to 240V AC,
120 to 375V DC
Output Current Ratings 5VDC - 1.5A, 2.0A 3A, 6A
12VDC - 0.6A, 1.3A, 2.5A 1.3A, 2.5A, 4.5A
24VDC 5A, 10A, 20A 0.3A, 0.65A, 1.3A, 2.5A, 3.75A, 5.0A, 10.0A 0.63A, 1.3A, 2.3A, 4.5A, 6.5A
Typical Efficiency 5VDC   up to 77% 77%
12VDC   up to 85% 81% to 82%


up to 93% up to 90% 82% to 84%
Voltage Adjustments +/-10% +/-10% (+/- 5% for 90W) +/-10% (V.ADJ control on front)
Ripple Voltage 1.5% peak to peak max (including noise) - -
Overvoltage Protection (input) 120% - 120% typical
Protection (output)
105 to 120% (auto reset) 105% minimum (101% for 90W), auto reset 105% minimum
Operating Temperature -10° to +70°C (14° to 140°F) -25 up to +75C -25° to +75°C
Housing Metal Plastic (Metal for 240W) Metal
Termination M3.5 phillip/slotted, spring loaded, captive (fingersafe) M3.5 phillip/slotted, spring loaded, captive (fingersafe) M3 or M3.5


ANSI/ISA-12.12.01-2011 Listed



cULus file no. E467154, E177168

(SEMI F47)




Switch mode power supplies are different from linear power supplies in how the AC voltage is converted into the DC voltage. Switch mode power supplies use a power transistor to produce a high frequency voltage that is passed through a small transformer and then filtered to remove both the AC voltage and noise. Linear power supplies deliver DC by passing the primary AC voltage through a transformer and filtering it to remove the AC voltage. Switching power supplies feature higher efficiencies, lighter weight, longer hold up times, and the ability to handle wider input voltage ranges. Switch mode power supplies may generate high frequency noise resulting from the use of a power transistor, however IDEC power supplies filter most of this noise. Linear power supplies are usually larger and less expensive but are limited in application.

The overload protection function will operate to shut off the output until the short is cleared.

Can the Fuse inside the power supply be replaced?
No. Blown fuses indicate that the internal circuits are damaged. Contact IDEC for repair. Do not replace the fuse and reoperate, otherwise electric shock, fire, or malfunction may occur.

The standards testing by IEC and UL include a +/-10% input range. The wide operating range has been tested. The use of the standard voltage range on the input voltage fulfills the regulations to make sure the users insert the correct input voltage.

UL1310 Table 30.1 indicate the output current and power limitations. This is to reduce the risk of fire. The output current can not exceed 8A and the output voltage cannot exceed 30VDC.

Class I input power supply allows the use of protective ground conductors to provide safety from electrical shock in addition to insulation and spacings. The safety from electrical shock in the Class II power supply comes from the construction where additional insulation and spacings are added to the power supply construction.

SELV stands for Safety Extra Low Voltage. UL 60950-1 states that a SELV circuit is a “secondary circuit which is so designed and protected that under normal and single fault conditions, its voltages do not exceed a safe value.” A “secondary circuit” has no direct connection to the primary power (AC mains) and derives its power via a transformer, converter, or equivalent isolation device. See UL60950-1 for additional information.

Series operation is used to increase the output voltage of multiple power supplies. Wired to increase output voltage. See manufactures data sheet to determine if this can be done.

Parallel operation is used to increase the output current of multiple power supplies. See manufactures data sheet to determine if Parallel operation is allowed.

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