You don't need to touch the switch

    ✓ UL Type4x listed, can be used outdoors
    ✓ Provide status feedback with 2-color LED between standby and startup
    ✓ Mutual Interference Prevention Function
    ✓ High protection class IP65/67
    ✓ Time Function Model Available

Do you have any of these issues?

You want to avoid touching the switch because it's in an area with a high frequency of use, and the number of users cannot be limited.

The risk of infection is especially high when an unspecified number of people come into contact with the product. IDEC touchless switch respond to the growing need for contactless products as a measure to prevent infection.

You have applications where infection risk reduction and hygiene measures are required but you don't know what to do.

As you don't have direct contacts, touchless switches can be used in applications where infection risk reduction and hygiene measures are required.

Concerned about the labor required for frequent wiping with disinfectant, resulting to surface deterioration of the switch.

Wiping with disinfectant has become routine after the spread of the COVID-19. Using our touchless switches, you will be not only saving labor and the cost of disinfectant, but also preventing the switch getting a poor appearance due to surface deterioration caused by repetitive disinfection work.

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What kind of application are you looking for?




Public facilities with high frequency of contact and a large number of people operating the switches. (including outdoors)

Locations where infection risk reduction and hygiene measures are required

Product Features

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Degree of Protection

Degree of protection:IP65/67, useable outdoors, UL Type 4X (Outdoor)certified. Features weather-resistant material.

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Status indication by color

Output and standby status feedback given with LED illumination in two colors that can be externally controlled.

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Detection distance

Near-infrared reflectance. Hand detection distance adjustable up to 270mm. (Detecting body: human hands) (*1)

*1)See P6 for "Detection distance range by object of detection" other than hands. Note that the use of reflectors on the detector body may increase the detection distance.

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Models with timers also available.

On-delay 0.5 sec.Malfunction prevention measures withOff-delay 2 compatible with replacement of existing switches.

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