gtag IDEC FT2J Series PLC+HMI

FT2J Series

Compact All-in-One PLC + HMI

7” FT2J Series Combined PLC+HMI

A technologically advanced 7” vivid multi-touch display, with an integrated PLC controller and expandable I/O, makes the new FT2J Series a leading choice for many applications across a wide variety of industries.

A wide operating temperature range of -20°C to +55°C as well as IP66F, IP67F, Type 4X, 12, 13, and Class I Div 2 approval ratings, assures reliable operation in the toughest environments. These touchscreens are built for endurance and are backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty.


Combining a PLC and touchscreen HMI interface into a single platform provides many advantages for monitoring and controlling smaller machines, process skids, and HVAC systems.

Dual CPU Configuration

The FT2J features two CPU's working in parallel for the PLC and HMI. This design enables high-speed, real-time control without compromising HMI functionality, broadening the range of compatible applications.

Advanced PLC Control Capabilities

With built-in full function controller features and functions, both onboard and expandable I/O, the FT2J Series comes with built-in analog inputs/outputs and enhanced PLC features, including PID, PWM control, script programming and much more.

Powerful PLC Features

I/O expansion with cartridges

Up to 2 digital I/O cartridges or analog I/O cartridges can be connected to add up to 8 digital I/O, and up to 4 analog I/O.

Analog I/O

Equipped with a built-in analog I/O to control analog signals from 0 to 10V DC (4 to 20 mA) with 12-bit resolution. An analog potentiometer connected to the analog input allows for easy configuration of analog settings, such as a timer.

PID Control

PID algorithm is used to enable cascade control. Available for applications requiring temperature, flow, and pressure control.


Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

The HMI’s projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP) advanced technology—saves space while providing a smaller footprint and improves performance. This PCAP touch panel provides a high degree of visibility, durability, and functionality. In addition to being multi-touch, this PCAP touch panel is compatible with thin gloves.

Highly visible glass-top structure

Easily kept clean using chemical washdown or simple wipes. Besides being water- and scratch-resistant, PCAP is responsive and provides a high tolerance to resist false signals when dirt or water droplets are present on the face of the HMI.

No mechanical durability issues

The PCAP touch panel uses a sensor board to detect changes in electric charge to identify the position of the touch.There is no mechanical deterioration allowing for agile operation and multi-touch sensing gloves less than 1.5mm thick (*1) can be used.

*1)The touchscreen may not work with gloves less than 1.5mm thick depending on the material or environment. Check operation in the actual environment of use or conditions similar to it.

Industrial Grade HMI Design

Extreme Operating Temperatures:

-20 to 55°C.

Long LED Backlight Life:

Industry leading 50,000 hours of backlight life.

Battery-free MRAM and hyper-capacitor design eliminates the need for battery-replacements.

Consume approximately 40% less power than separate PLC and HMI combined.

Waterproof/Oil Resistance:

IP66F and IP67F ratings make these units suitable for wash-down applications and subject to oil spills.

Industry Leading Warranty:

Built for endurance and backed by a three-year warranty.

UL61010, UL Type 4X, 12, and 13, Class I Div 2 for hazardous locations

24MB (screens), 96KB (ladder code).

Seamless Communication with Various Devices


FT2J Series Products

Part Number Name
FT2J-US-Img.png FT2J-7U22KAF-B 7inch PLC+HMI 22IO Trans. Sink
FT2J-7U22RAF-B 7inch PLC+HMI 22IO Relay
FT2J-7U22SAF-B 7inch PLC+HMI 22IO Trans. Source
FT2J-PN1.png FT9Z-2D7PN05 FT2J UV protective sheet
FT2J-PN2.png FT9Z-XT16P SmartAXIS 16pin terminal plug
FT9Z-XT11P SmartAXIS 11pin terminal plug


Large Machinery

Ensuring the safety and efficiency of maintaining large equipment

Remote Management

Use multifunctional devices to save on small equipment costs.

Low/High Temperature Environment

Functional in extreme temperature environments.

Food Machinery

Proposal for ensuring hygiene standards and cost-effectiveness in food machinery

Greenhouse Farming

Automate agriculture tasks to save labor amidst labor shortages.

Remote I/O System

The SX8R Bus Coupler Module offers an ideal solution for addressing the limited I/O points on the FT2J PLC+HMI unit. By integrating the SX8R, you can effortlessly expand your I/O points using major open network protocols such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, or CC-Link IE Field Basic. This flexibility ensures seamless connectivity and scalability, allowing your system to adapt to increasing demands and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Network Compatibility Image

Our SX8R Bus Coupler offers the perfect blend of versatility, reliability, and performance, making it the ideal choice for industrial automation applications of any scale. Whether you're upgrading existing systems or building new installations, our Bus Coupler provides the connectivity and flexibility you need to succeed.

An exceptionally wide operating temperature range of -20 to +60 ˚C as well as IP20, and Class I Div 2 approval ratings, assures reliable operation in the toughest environment. This SX8R Bus Coupler is built for endurance and are backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Experience seamless integration and enhanced efficiency with our Bus Coupler.  Learn More